Questions about character and fitness in New York

Questions about character and fitness in New York

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New York does not require you to complete the Character and Fitness portion of the application to the bar until AFTER you take the bar examination.

In the Third and Fourth Departments , you will receive information about your Application for Admission in late August or early September. It will be due in early October, BEFORE for know that you passed the bar (let's be positive). If you are in the First or Second Department (First is Manhattan & the Bronx, Second is the remainder of NYC & Long Island counties) you will not receive the Application for Admission until after you have received certification from the Board of Law Examiners that you have passed both the Bar Examination and the MPRE (passing score 85).

HOWEVER, I urge you to work on obtaining your Law-Related Employment affidavits and Pro Bono certification NOW. Keep it safe in a file until after you take the bar examination. You do not want the one person who knows you to leave the workplace, retire, etc. So obtaining the form now will save you the headaches of running around and fretting in the fall.

And as a reminder, if you participated in an externship or clerkship for credit while at the law school you will need law related employment affidavits from those offices as well. If that work is satisfying your pro bono requirement, which all externships and clerkships can, you must get the additional pro bono affidavit from the office as well.

Questions - ask me - saran@; 614 O'Brian Hall

Law related employment form:

Pro bono form affidavit of compliance:

Information on the Application for Admission is available at:
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