LOCKERS, Bagels and more....

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LOCKERS, Bagels and more....

Post by Student Life » Thu May 09, 2019 2:08 pm

Best of luck to all on your exams! Exams and final papers are the perfect occasions for showcasing your talent and determination. You got this!

The School of Law, thanks in part to an anonymous donor, will be providing bagels and coffee during the exam period in the student lounge.

For rising 2Ls - For 2019/20 your locker will remain the same. So feel free to leave non-perishable items over the summer.
For rising 3Ls - Please empty lockers before you leave for the summer. You will be re-assigned a locker on the first floor upon your return in the Fall.
For graduating students - please feel free to use your locker through the bar exam study period!

Please be sure to clean out any items in the SBA 2nd floor fridge by May 20th.
- For those studying for the bar, feel free to use during bar study if you are in the building.

If you need us over the summer, please reach out to any of us in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA)!
- Vice Dean Gargano, Amy Atkinson and Cheryl Jones
Amy Hayes Atkinson, Ed.M.
Director of Student Life
UB School of Law
412 O'Brian Hall

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