Partial Collection of Past Writings by Errol Meidinger

"Administrative Regulation and Democracy" (1992)

"Central Themes in the Literature on Science-Intensive Policy Disputes" (with Alex Antypas) (1996)

"From 'Winners and Losers' to New Authority Structures in Ecological Policy" (1997)

"Integrating Science and Policy in Natural Resource Management: Lessons from North America" (with Clark and others) (1998)

"On Explaining the Development of 'Emissions Trading' in U.S. Air Pollution Regulation" (1985)

"Privatizing Regulatory Enforcement: A Preliminary Assessment of "Citizen Suits" Under Federal Environmental Laws" (with Barry Boyer, 1985)

"The 'Public Uses' of Eminent Domain" (1980)

"Regulatory Culture: A Theoretical Outline" (1987)

"Science Advocacy is Inevitable:  Deal with It" (with Margaret A. Shannon and Roger N. Clark) (1996) 

"The Changing Legal Environment of Northern Forest Policy Making" (1992)

"Theoretical Perspectives on Environmental Compliance" (with Barry Boyer, John Thomas, and Jasbinder Singh, 1987)