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Environmental Law 1
Tu-Th, 1:15-2:45, Blocks 1,2,3, Room 102

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Environmental Law

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Overview This foundational course in the Environmental Law Concentration is open to all law students and to other students with the permission of the instructors. It seeks to familiarize students with the fundamental elements of environmental law, running from servitude and nuisance rules through land use controls, water and wildlife law, water pollution regulation, through efforts to achieve ecosystem protection. Also addressed are the relationship between science and environmental regulation and the roles of citizens and community groups in protecting environmental quality. Although some legal areas will be covered in depth, the emphasis of the course is on conveying the basic patterns and assumptions of environmental law.

Materials The casebook for the course  is Glicksman, Markell, et al., Environmental Protection Law and Policy Wolters Kluwer, 5th ed. 2007).  Additional reading materials are available at this website and are intended solely for the use of students enrolled in the course.

Requirements Every class member is expected to:

  • complete and think about readings before the session for which they are assigned

  • participate in class discussions,

  • serve as an "expert" for several class discussions, and, potentially, follow up on specific issues that may come up in class

  • obtain an email account and utilize a web browser with which to remain current on class assignments and follow-up communications

  • complete a final exam surveying all of the material discussed in the course. The final will be a closed book exam written with old fashioned stylus technology.

Grading Policy Grades will be based largely on the final exam, although contributions to the class may also be considered.

Professor Errol Meidinger email; homepage; 719 O'Brian; Phone: 716-645-6692
Professor Barry Boyer email; 520 O'Brian; Phone: 716-645-3989
Secretary Anita Mazurek, 524 O'Brian
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